"Redefining collaboration" through mutual respect

This is a remarkable idea which leads to enthralling results. Vogue asked two fashion designers, Thebe Magugu and Pierpaolo Piccioli to re-interpret each others' work. The insight of each designer as they explore each other’s work is very telling. But the mutual respect and care they have for each other’s work is what really makes this extraordinary.

Debra Langley of Lyra Ventures said this redefines collaboration and I think that is true.

Imagine if we could do something similar in the software world. Can you imagine Chris Willis of Domo and Bob Baxley of ThoughtSpot taking on a challenge like this? I can!

I can think of a few examples from formal partnerships, but I would to love to know if there are cases where designers have learned from each other. Have you seen good models of collaborative design in the software industry?