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I'm a high performing individual contributor. I don't need any particular manager to survive. I usually get along great with other members of the company. However, I feel a sense of loyalty and affinity to some of my previous managers. I would follow them if they went to the right company. Not their fault. They're just great and fun people. (Emphasis on fun. Laughter takes a load off stress.) 50% of your job is your manager. And if you get a bad manager (I've had a couple) that 50% can take a huge toll.

Having said that.... if the CEO and founders of Databricks all left to start a new company. I am going to that company, come hell or high water.

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Donald - a great post (as usual). One other key idea here is that these platoons are limiting because the platoon tends to follow what worked in the past at their prior organization rather than meeting their new team members (and organization) where they/it are at. This robs the platoon (and organization) of valuable learning, growth and team building. Hope you are well!

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