From a company I recently left, the word synergy is overused.

From an analytics perspective, business value has become a buzzword and marketing fodder - but something that a lot of people still struggle with. We use the term to help orient various conversations.

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One thing I've done in the past is just pipe up in meetings and say "I'm not familiar with that term, can you explain it?" And then usually a half dozen other people message me "Thank you! I didn't know either!" But outside of company- or industry-specific jargon, there are clichés I'd love to see vanish. Synergize. Alignment. Empowerment. Teamwork. They are meant to be positive concepts, but they've become negatives in my mind because they so often seem to be veiling honest risks and problems.

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Thank you for the thought-provoking questions, Donald!

When communicating with clients and potential clients in writing, I define terms inline. When presenting in-person, I try to read the room in search of people with questions. This is the biggest challenge when presenting remotely; I cannot read the room, but have to hope everyone with questions will either type them in a chat or interrupt. Some will not.

When I use new terms - especially terms I coin - I remind listeners that I am published and consider publication "a license to spell." ;{>

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