What are your tired business terms?

In my introduction to Creative Differences I said this:

I don’t like to go to into a business situation with a handbook of new vocabulary that my clients should diligently learn. I am much happier listening, finding out what they talk about today: the terms they use loosely (visualization, strategy) ; their formalities (code review, release) ; and the words absorbed from their community (data lake, governance) which may be more or less formally defined within or outwith the organization.

Several people have contacted me with questions about terms they use. Do I think they are overused? What could they say instead?

My impression is that people are well aware we speak in business clichés but we carry on because it is easier than trying to say something new and different.

I am interested in this. Are there terms you use, which you now are worn out, but you still use them because they are convenient?

Are there terms you would like to drop in favour of new expressions?

Donald Farmer